Zoom in on sea ice

Time for some adventure! We're going to take an exciting journey through the sea ice. We'll start by flying 20,000 m up in the air. As you zoom in closer and closer, we'll come crashing down to the surface of the ice. We won't stop there, though; you'll even get to go inside the ice. Usually, only scientists with high-tech equipment get to see the ice this closely. To continue your adventure, read the caption and then choose your destination.

This picture is 1,000 m (or 1 km) across. This is the same scene as the 10,000 m picture only now the airplane is lower at an altitude of 2,000 m. The blue areas are melt ponds, places where melt water collects on the surface. The black areas are leads, places where there is no ice and we see the ocean. There is a ship in the picture. This ship is 100 m long. Can you find it? I can.