Zoom in on sea ice

Time for some adventure! We're going to take an exciting journey through the sea ice. We'll start by flying 20,000 m up in the air. As you zoom in closer and closer, we'll come crashing down to the surface of the ice. We won't stop there, though; you'll even get to go inside the ice. Usually, only scientists with high-tech equipment get to see the ice this closely. To continue your adventure, read the caption and then choose your destination.

This picture is 0.0001 m (or 0.1 mm) across. The photograph was taken with a camera attached to a microscope. This is a brine pocket. It contains water that is very salty-much saltier than ocean water. It would taste awful if you drank it. We're almost done with our adventure in the sea ice, but we can still go a little bit further...